Sacred Heart

Commemorative Collection

Original Fluid Art Using Crematory Ashes

My Sacred Heart collection is a touching and heart-felt memorial to a loved one. These are beautiful, physical pieces of art work that continue on as a remembrance of the light and love you shared with your loved one.

The sacred heart pieces are so beautiful and touching. Most notable is Jen’s tender heart. As an artist, she went above and beyond to make of our family’s pieces extra-personal. The amount of care and consideration she put into each piece was remarkable. From matching our loved one’s favorite color perfectly, to adding the thoughtful touches of crystal energy, we feel the love every time we hold this heart in hand. Jen also asked about my husband’s favorite music. She had his favorite songs on while she made the art, and I feel it really infused the whole experience with a special heartfelt connection. We are in deep gratitude for these sacred hearts and encourage others to have these made.

Constance Hart

Founder/Developer, Conscious Colors

Jen treated the entire project from message to finished piece as if it were a lovely and sacred opportunity, always showing the greatest respect to us as a family and to my father as well. Jen was very intentional about the entire process, Every step of the way I was updated and Jen’s excitement made it less of a grief piece and more of a celebration piece, Jen had sent me some pictures, but as she said, pictures could not do the final piece justice. It was simply breathtaking! To have this piece of art is so lovely and such a reflection of what my parents built together.

Sheila Soulé

The Process

Creating these pieces are an incredible honor for me. I cherish this experience and I’m so grateful for the opportunity to help bring comfort to the experience of losing a loved one. Each piece is hand-made, one at a time. My fluid art process uses highly pigmented paints to create rich colored glazes, color diffusion and marbleized effects. Acrylic paint is mixed with specific mediums that make paint very fluid. No paintbrushes are used, the fluid paint is poured directly on the Birch-wood and gravity is used to direct the movement of the paint. Each piece is truly a unique, one-of-a-kind heirloom dedicated to your loved one.

You Make These Unique

The creation process begins with you sharing your loved ones favorite colors with me, as well as their favorite music, which I can play during the pour. Small Gemstones can be added to incorporate the energetics they carry. Before I begin painting, I carefully prepare my studio space by burning ceremonial sage, lighting a candle, preparing my paints, and blending the ash. Each piece requires 72 hours to dry and an additional 24 hours to cure. The entire process usually takes between 1-2 weeks to finish.

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