Ocean Pour

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Ocean Pour / Beach-Scape. I was commissioned to do an ocean piece for a client who wanted to be reminded of the serene waves along a beachside scape. I choose specific colors for the sea; several shades of blues, rich greens and deep turquoise, interlaced with white to create the sea foam. I used blends of copper, gold and browns to make the sandy beach itself. Each color carefully poured and directed only by gravity!

Color Energetics

  1. Blue represents qualities of a meditative state, insightfulness and focus.
  2. Turquoise is creative and inspiring.
  3. Green is balancing, renewing and compassionate.
  4. Gold is supportive, wise and stabilizing.
  5. White represents freeing and is expansive.

There’s so much more to color than meets the eye! In fact, color is light/frequency/vibration/energy that’s always affecting your emotions and mind, whether you’re aware of it or not. Plus, color has the ability to affect the physical body, too. Since we all engage with color daily, there’s a great opportunity to utilize color to affect well being. Constance Hart, Founder & Developer of Conscious Colors.

What is Fluid Art or an Acrylic Pour?

  • Fluid art is acrylic paint mixed with mediums to make the paint fluid. Fluid art produces
    rich colored glazes, marbleized effects and color diffusion.
  • No tools such as paint brushes are used in creating the pieces.  Fluid paint is
    poured directly on the canvas and the use of gravity is employed. Fluid art is somewhat
    unpredictable as the paint blends and shifts creating many forms.

The painting process

My first step in creating a piece comes either from a concept design, such as a request to do an ocean piece or the design will be based on a specific color theme, as to compliment someones wall color. I pull these elements together which then develops into my ‘pour’ or what specific colors I will use. 

I often incorporate the use of color shift paints into my piece that change color in certain light, and use real gemstones along with including embellishments such as 24 Karat gold leafing and resin.

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