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Original Art for Inspiring Interiors

Transform your space with original, rich and vibrant artwork! It’s perfect for anyone looking to bring new life into their home and office.

Whether you’re looking to provide an instant color palette, create a focal point, bring in a sense of texture, or to finish off a room – unique and original artwork is an ideal solution – it’s that easy!


Looking for a beautiful piece of art for your home or office? Maybe you’re looking to finish off a room with a custom piece? Perhaps you’d like to reach out to a loved one with a greeting card? I’ve got you covered, just click below!

Ocean Art & Decor

Add a splash of gorgeous and vibrant ocean colors to your space!

Sacred Heart

Beautiful, custom pieces. Sacred Heart is a touching and heart-felt memorial to a loved one.


From inspiration to humor, to celebrating love and kindness, let them know you’re thinking of them!

Clients Testimonials

I reached out to Jen to commission an original piece for my new home. She worked with the wall color in the space where I planned to hang it and was thoughtful and open in working with me to create a piece we were both happy with.  I am thrilled with my painting!  Its vibrant hues and florals are the perfect statement for my space.  I have had nothing but positive experiences working with Jen, and love the energy and color of her art.

RoseAnna Cyr, M.A.,MT-BC, LMHC, LPC

Licensed Mental Health Counselor & Board Certified Music Therapist,

A number of years ago, I was fortunate to get to know Jen and was immediately drawn to her art. As a fellow artist, my discovery of someone who practiced in many mediums and a variety of artistic endeavors, meant so much to me, as our paths were similar in exploration and development, though she has gone far beyond anything I have produced. Her creations range from note cards, postcards, journals, fun craft projects and paintings in multiple mediums. Her amazing talent and more recent exploration of different styles are reflected in her beautiful watercolors and stunning “drip” paintings. Filled with vivid colors and influenced by nature, vision and insight, Jen’s creations, which come from her soul, are meant to evoke emotions in the observer or the collector: joy, warmth, excitement and inspiration.

Jen’s body of work is stunning, joyful, and brings happiness and delight into our lives. Her intuitive art should be explored by all.

Laura E. Richards


My love for the ocean was beautifully captured in a recent commission by Jen. The rich colors with the flow and layers create the impression of being on my childhood beach. It is not only a stunning piece but soothing for the soul. Jen has an eye for color and has perfected the pour technique as evidenced by the feeling the piece creates. I look forward to the opportunity to work with Jen in the future.

Cara Chase

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