Wall Art by Jen Lashua - Serenity


Jan 27, 2022 | Home Decor, Inspiration, Trends, Wall Art

“All the flowers of today are the seeds of tomorrow” I was recently commissioned to do a floral piece for a clients bedroom. I asked her to provide a photo of the room color and give me a brief description of the mood and theme of her room. I wanted to make sure the piece I created was in harmony with the wall color and the feeling of her space.  “My bedroom is my sanctuary, the one place in the house that is fully my own, a peaceful, tranquil tree-house of a room that offers gentle morning light through gauzy white curtains”. I was thrilled to do a floral piece, creating flowers is something I absolutely love to do – ever since I began painting them over 25 years ago!  

Wall Color & Decorative Theme

I hadn’t picked up a paint brush in over a year as I had been focusing on fluid art, so I took a deep breath and let inspiration flow!

I began this piece by focusing on the wall color and decorative theme throughout the room. I wanted to make sure the background color of this piece was confident enough to stand off from the wall but not to over power the florals. I chose Payne’s Gray. This color turned out to be the perfect compliment to my florals. Payne’s Gray is a unique color, I recently read about its characteristics from a more historical perspective from the book The Secret Lives of Color by Kassia St. Clair.

Payne’s gray is revered by many artists because of its ‘atmospheric perspective’ meaning that the farther away you are from the color, the bluer it appears, the closer you are to the color, the darker it appears.

Her Sanctuary

I wanted vivid and bold florals that would give a feeling of serenity and peace to keep in line with the overall theme of her room – her sanctuary. I wanted the florals to imbibe inspiration and gentleness. So, I used a soft color pallet – portrait pink, iridescencent purple, magenta, white, with a blend of teal and navy. I entitled the piece “Serenity”. The overall theme of the bright and vivid florals are the main focal point against a confident background color and was a perfect match with my clients space!


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