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Looking for that special piece to compliment your home or office? I’d love to create it for you!


Interior Art Consulting

I love creating an atmosphere for a space. Let’s talk about creating a focal point in a room, adding texture, providing an instant color pallet, or finishing off a room with the right piece!

Visual Merchandising

I work with retailers designing thematic window and store-front seasonal designs. Let’s do this!

Art Production

I’ve worked with several companies designing art for packaging, labels, websites and social media campaigns. I’d love to hear about your project!

Creating Atmosphere!

Don’t overlook the importance and impact that wall art has on a room. Wall art is the finishing touch that should harmonize with the other elements to create an intentional atmosphere. Wall art can provide a fusion of color, adding interest or even certain therapeutic properties to an area.

Imagination Encircles the World

Original art for product packaging creates a unique voice for your brand.

From Art to Textiles to Fashion

Looking good is feeling good! Design elements with focus, balance, contrast and unity.

The Design Process

Step 1


We begin with Concept Exploration, we answer these questions; what is the ultimate purpose or destination for the art / design, the final application, the purpose, what should the emotional effect or the intended impact be?

Step 2


The specific colors are chosen along with any other meaningful embellishments such as gold-leafing, gemstones or resin. The specific style of the piece is decided upon, i.e. an ocean scene, mountainous, florals, a food character, cosmic, watery, grounded, expansive, comforting, etc.

Step 3


This is hands on! This is where hands get dirty and vision becomes reality.

Step 4


The finished piece is prepared for delivery with love and satisfaction.

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