David Melech Hat Liners


David Melech wanted to offer his customers something very unique and asked me to provide original art work that could be used for custom hat liners. It was very exciting to explore crossing my art with this type of artisan product. Imaginistic textiles and self expression at its finest!





Challanges & Our Solution

The challenge was to develop art that would both fit with and compliment these high end, custom made hats yet, provide enough boldness for a wide range of self expression. I produced a selection of paintings that ranged from the fluid styles to painterly, and abstract modern.


Another Great Product


Satisfied Customers


A collection of high quality hat liners with a lovely and fresh attitude!

Client View

Our 100% Rabbit and Beaver Fur Felt hats are designed and shaped by hand … no two hats are exactly the same. So, when you hold a David Melech in your hand, (or better yet wear it on your head!), you can rest assured that there’s no other hat quite like it. We are committed to quality and style.

David Melech

David Melech Hats

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