Fluid Art & Pouring Mediums


I’ve been focusing on fluid art for a few years now and wanted to briefly discuss my experience finding the right pouring medium. And, hopefully, save you some headaches in the process!

For those of you who are new to fluid art or acrylic pouring, you know there are many elements that can affect how well your final piece will turn out, and one of those crucial elements are pouring mediums.

Today I’ll cover the following basics:

What is a pouring medium?
How do pouring mediums affect your paintings?
Why do you need a pouring medium?
Comparing pouring mediums / DIY.

1) What is a pouring medium?
A pouring medium is a water-based paint extender and conditioner. They are used to enhance and extend the flow of the paint.

2) How do pouring mediums affect your paintings?
In Fluid art/acrylic pouring, using a pouring medium provides greater flow/easier movement of the paint which makes mixing much easier as well as creating a smoother paint to pour onto your piece.

3) Why do you need a pouring medium?
When I first began exploring fluid art I had no idea about pouring mediums and I didn’t use them. I was continually faced with pour quality pieces with huge cracks and ‘craz-ings’ in the paint once dried, I had uneven paint and dull colors. This led me to research what could be causing these issues.

4) Comparing pouring mediums / DIY.
I found information on pouring mediums and thought I’d give them a try as all of the symptoms in my art pieces seemed to be related to NOT using a pouring medium. Some of the information I came across suggested using DIY pouring mediums, which looked easy enough! I found a few DIY pouring medium formulas, tried them and didn’t have much success. They were messy to mix and I still had all the same problems of huge cracks and crazing, along with the paint drying dull and uneven. This is when I decided that mastering the art of creating my own pouring medium wasn’t where I wanted to focus my energy, I wanted to focus on creating art. So, I moved on to researching and experimenting with pre-made pouring mediums.

I decided to order a few of the popular brands because I had no idea which ones would work best for my style and process.


Using these pre-made pouring mediums, I still experienced issues with uneven paint and the colors of my dried pieces were still coming out extremely dull, but the problem with cracks and crazing was eliminated. However, I noticed that I had to use a lot of these particular pouring mediums in order to eliminate cracks and crazing and this began to affect my budget. So, still being faced with uneven paint drying, dull colors and the issue of pouring medium cost, I continued exploring other brands.


I discovered Owatrol’s Easy Flow, and finally the results were fantastic! I had zero cracks or crazing, no uneven paint, and the final dried colors were amazing! It was much easier to direct the flow of paint over the surface of my canvas or wood, the paint seemed smoother and the colors maintained their vibrancy. Plus, I was able to use less pouring medium in my pieces, and I certainly welcomed the financial savings. I am extremely pleased to have found a pouring medium such as Easy Flow that solved all of the issues I faced as a fluid artist.

Stay tuned for my next blog post where I will be going into more detail on mixing and prepping your paints for an acrylic pour.


Elimination of Cracks & Crazing


Smoother, Even Pieces


Satisfaction with Enhanced Color Vibrancy


Easier Movement of Paint Flow

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