Frequently Asked Questions


What is fluid art?

Fluid art is highly pigmented paints that create rich colored glazes, color diffusion and marbleized effects. Acrylic paint is mixed with specific mediums that make paint very fluid. No paintbrushes are used, the fluid paint is poured directly on the canvas or wood and the use of gravity is implored.


I’m an interior designer, how do I commission a piece for one of my clients?

One of my favorite types of projects, just send me an email and let’s chat!


I live in another state, how do I commission a piece for my home or office?

I send my art world-wide, just send me an email, I would love to create a piece for your space! First, we would talk about a concept design for the piece, the overall design and specific colors. I would also ask for a photo of the room or space to ensure I create a painting that is harmony with the room. From here I would give a commission quote and we would finalize details and payment.


I’m looking for visual merchandising art for my shop, how do I work with you?

I do work with retailers in building seasonal window and in store displays, send me an email to discuss your needs.


I’m a heath food store buyer looking to add more greeting cards and journals, how do I order your cards?

I have a full line of stationary products, please get in touch with me and we’ll arrange access to my wholesale catalogue and your store can place an order.


I live outside of the U.S. and would like to purchase a painting, do you ship world wide?

Yes, I send many paintings abroad. Send me an email and we can discuss shipping options.


I have my own brand and am looking for designs for my labels, can you supply designs?

Yes, I’ve worked with several companies seeking specific designs especially in florals. I’m part of The Fresh Republic where we work in the digital arts, we provide graphic and web design services, we are very familiar working with packaging and label design.


We are getting married and would like a custom piece for our home but would also like the finished painting made up as invitations cards, is that something you can do?

Yes, depending on the time frame, as a custom piece can take a few weeks to complete depending on details then the design will be formatted into an invitation and sent to the printers. Just get in touch to discuss!


My family member passed away and I read about crematory jewelry, we would like to have the ashes incorporated into a painting, is this something you could do?

Yes, I have done this. Please read my blog post to learn more about it. Just get in touch with me to discuss!

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