About Me

I am a self taught artist and have been painting for over twenty years.

My favorite techniques range from Watercolor, Chinese Brushstroke to Abstract. I specialize in Poured Acrylics.

The essence of my work is modern, fluid and encompasses vivid color.

I am also a Certified Color-Aroma Therapist and incorporate color therapeutics into each piece.

The things I love


Spicy Food


The Ocean


Morning Espresso

What Others Say

Jen’s art is not just visually amazing, but you know when you get a piece from her you’re also getting a little piece of her heart and soul that you can look at every single day. 

Jen’s work is a favorite of mine to gift to friends and family, as well as they are great gifts for my children’s teachers as well as coworkers and clients.

Ursula Zamora

Mover & Shaker, Disruptive Marketing Solutions

I have been in love with Jen’s art work from the first moment I laid eyes on it. It’s vibrant, colorful, soulful, and inspiring. I have a piece of her art in my living room and decided to base the design and colors of our home off of this piece. My home now feels ALIVE, warm, and welcoming – we’ve gotten a ton of compliments – all thanks to Jen’s art!! I’ve also added her art work in our dining room and in my toddler daughter’s bedroom. Her art brings a ton of cheer and love into our entire home!

Lisa Alfaro

CHHC & Executive Assistant, Annmarie Skin Care

Jen’s artwork is truly higher dimensional. I don’t know if SHE even truly knows how much Divine energy pours through her craft.  When I saw one of her pieces on Facebook I knew I HAD to have it for the alter I have in my home. And then when I received it, I knew I needed ANOTHER one similar to it. I now have two of her gorgeous pieces framing my sacred bits and pieces and just love them both!

Kate Street

Founder, Kate Street Love

My story


Exploration of Watercolors

I began exploring watercolors in a weekly Women’s circle in Corvallis Oregon. We would gather and practice intuitive expression through the use of watercolors.


Chinese Brush Stroke

I began my study into the ancient and revered art of Chinese Brush Stroke with Marlow Brooks in Boulder, Colorado. I have a deep respect for this art form, “Chinese culture emphasizes the connection between the quality of the paintings and the inner world of the individuals who produce such art. The art can be compared with Tai Chi and Qigong, which require a relaxed mind and focus, with the result of improving a person’s well-being.”


Brushstroke & Calligraphy

“Calligraphy, literally ‘beautiful writing,’ . . . calligraphy was considered not just a form of decorative art; rather, it was viewed as the supreme visual art form, was more valued than painting and sculpture, and ranked alongside poetry as a means of self-expression and cultivation.”


Watercolors with Chinese brushstroke and florals

I began combining water-color with brush-stroke. I found a natural transition into this art form especially around the intuitive nature of the water-color work I had been doing and the meditative, breath work associated with brush-stroke.


Tea Labels, Watercolors and Florals

I created original art for a line of teas. They featured my floral and botanical paintings giving me the opportunity to combine my study of herbology with my passion for art. This is when I began collaborating with the digital realm of design and working with graphic designers on product packaging.



I expanded my craft to include acrylic paint. This was very different from water-color and opened up a whole new world of possibilities to me. The ability to manipulate the paint in different ways, combining, layering, controlling dry times in certain ways, mixing a variety of elements with the paint itself to produce interesting effects – I was very happy to have expanded my art in this direction.


Intuitive Painting and continued study and work in acrylics

Intuitive painting is tapping into your intuition and allowing free space for colors and forms to emerge. Listening to yourself and being open and free with the creative process. I find this very beneficial when working with clients and Interior Designers looking for pieces that are meant to be very personal to the person.


Color-Aroma Therapy

Color Aroma Therapy is an innovation in holistic wellness that uniquely combines Color Therapy with Aromatherapy. I studied under Constance Hart where I became certified as a color aroma therapist.


Fluid Art

Fluid art uses highly pigmented paints that create rich colored glazes, color diffusion and marbleized effects. Acrylic paint is mixed with specific mediums that make paint very fluid. No paintbrushes are used, the fluid paint is poured directly on the canvas or wood and the use of gravity is implored.


Fluid Art & Resin

Resin is used as a finish to the painting. It dries as a clear, glass-like coating over the paint making the colors really “POP” with a bright and almost wet look. This type of finish can catch the light in interesting ways giving the painting a unique element of depth.

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